155 Mil VibraFlex - Door Pack

155 Mil VibraFlex - Door Pack

This is our 155 mil Door pack (10 pieces - 5" x 8.25") (~2.8 sq ft)


Vibraflex is a Bitumen plastic material that is used for dampening vehicles and other metal enclosures.  The advantage of vibraflex vs traditional Butyl sound dampeners is that after it is applied it retains it shape as a thermal formed sheet.  When tempuratures are within normal ranges this stuff is as hard as a rock! If the tempuratures are high VibraFlex reacts EXACTLY the same as traditional dampeners as a mass loader!


1.7 LBS per sq ft

  • Care Instructions

    • Raw product is brittle when cold
    • Do not drop plates
    • Do not store plates in below 50°F
    • Do not apply product below 50°F
    • Product and application surface must be warm to be applied.  We reccomend a heat gun or an oven, handle hot product with care it will be very flexible.  Use caution warming vehicle panels to not harm paint or other surfaces.
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